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Barbara tutored my daughter, Thea, one on one at her house. My daughter loved going to Mrs. Calaway’s, which amazed me since Thea had never wanted to go to A.L.T. tutoring in the past.  


Barbara has a real gift for connecting with children. I have noticed that all her students adore her and want to please her.  The respect that Barbara gives her students is extraordinary.  Also inspired by Barbara’s teaching style, Thea blossomed as a writer. For the past few weeks, Thea has been carrying a book with her wherever she goes and choosing to read during recess. Thea enjoys reading now, and she is proud of her accomplishment.  


I am deeply grateful for Barbara’s expertise as an A.L.T. tutor.  Also, I feel lucky to know her! She is intelligent, talented, sensitive, caring, and reliable. You would be so lucky to have Barbara as a therapist. She seems to have boundless energy and enthusiasm.  

- Jessica McFaddin, M.Ed.

"I was lucky to be introduced to Mrs. Barbara Calaway, who changed my goals into plans. Mrs. Barbara gave me overall hope. I went to her three times a week for over a year and a half. During this time, I gained confidence, and for the first time a teacher/tutor showed me that my disabilities were not the imperfections that I saw them as. Instead, Mrs. Barbara showed me that my disabilities were gifts. She showed me that just because my mind works differently than others, it did not mean I was a lost cause, but that I must learn in a way my brain understands.

Mrs. Barbara did not just help me advance academically, but more importantly she gave me the strength to truly accept myself and my disabilities. In the past I was always embarrassed to read out loud or have someone read what I had written down. However, Mrs. Barbara never made me feel uncomfortable even when I made a silly mistake. Instead of making me feel insecure about my mistake, Mrs. Barbara gave me justification of why I made the mistake and how to avoid similar mistakes in the future.  Mrs. Barbara was not just my tutor, she became my friend, mentor, and inspiration that I can succeed. Mrs. Barbara changed my life in more than one way, and I am so thankful she came into my life when she did."

-Megan Rother, Veterinary student at Texas A&M University

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My daughter, Isabel, is severely dyslexic and is slightly autistic, and working with Barbara was one of the best and most therapeutic things she has ever done!  When my daughter first started working with her, she could barely read. 


Barbara is the one who taught her to read, and more importantly, Barbara made her feel seen, heard and appreciated.  She loved working with Barbara and looked forward to their sessions together.  I appreciate the work she did with my daughter, as well as the work she did with me as a parent of a dyslexic child.  She was so supportive and kept me informed. 


All in all, working with Barbara was an incredible, supportive experience for all of us. 



- Eileen, Austin, TX


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